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 About Zahara....                                       

Zahara Solomon is a lover of textiles, ceremonial objects, women's traditional ethnic/folkloric dances, religious amulets, tribal adornment & antiquities, art & dance history, and creating healing rituals and sacred space holistically for women. 

Currently, Zahara teaches three weekly ATS® or American Tribal Style® Belly Dance classes in Ashland, Oregon.  She is a Certified instructor through Fat Chance Belly Dance® & a Sister Studio.  Private instruction is available in her Middle Eastern inspired dance studio located in her home.  Her background is a  Fusion of Tribal Bellydance, Folk Dances from Morocco, N. Africa, Europe, Middle East, Persia & the Silk Road.  Performances are available, either with recorded music, or with her live band, Madroña.  

Her Shiviti Tribal Adornments are available at Antiquarium, Ashland OR, Shiviti Studio & Gallerie Karon, Ashland OR.    Affordable, hand-made jewelry from Morocco, Turkey, & Vintage/Antique Middle Eastern tribal jewelry with real coins.  Pieces from Afghanistan, Pakistan & Uzbekistan, all individually selected for rareness, beauty and durability.  Hamsa from around the world and tribal Judaica.  And textiles like sabra silks from N. Africa, vintage & antique dupatta from India & lush hand-work from Afghanistan.  Zahara strives to reproduce the shuks experienced in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Marrakech, Fez, and Ubud (Bali) with a mixture of pieces, including a belly dancers vintage flea market.  This would have accruements for home, studio, photo shoot, &/or performance.   Orientalist paintings, antique lithograph prints, and vintage/antiques that reflect a Middle Eastern aesthetic.  Occasionally, Zahara takes Shiviti Bazaar on the road, vending at Festivals, Hot Springs, Concerts & Retreats.

Zahara's has been co-leading Women's Trance Dance Gatherings, with focus on Guedra.  She has led  events nourishing Women's Spirituality such as Equinox/Solstice gatherings, Rosh Chodesh/New Moon Circles, Red Tent Sacred Space, Workshops, Retreats & Festivals. Weaving Dance into Spiritual play for many years.  Zahara was also the Ashland First Presbyterian Church, 2009 Women's Retreat speaker, October 16th -18th at St Rita's retreat center in Rogue River.  She led the three day retreat centered on their theme "Living Waters, Living Word" with song, dance, learning & rituals.  (photo by Zahara of Jewish door in a Kasbah, Morocco)

She was a founding member for three years of Ashland's own Circus Tribal Bellydance Company, performing with them twice at Tribal Qwest NW in Portland, to Tribal Fest in the North Bay, & lot's in between!  As a Soloist, Zahara has performed repeatedly in Ashland, the Rogue Valley, Portland, Seattle, Northern California, and in the North Bay at Tribal Fest in Sebastopol, California.  Some past highlights are performances at Tribal Fest, Cues & Tattoos, Midsummer Dream Art & Music Festival, Faerie Worlds Music Festival, Jamballah NW & Oregon Country Fair (Gypsy Stage).

  In August of 2013, she was an Instructor at Jamballah NW in Portland, OR.  The two workshops she taught were :
Women's Trance Dance Traditions from N. Africa, Arabian Peninsula & Silk Rd.  &  The Secret & Amuletic Language of Tribal Adornment: Jewelry, Textiles & Coins as it relates to Tribal Belly Dance Costuming.  Her Tribal~Folkloric Solo Performance in the Instructor Showcase was a Unique Fusion of Traditional Women's Trance Dances with an American Flavor.

Teachers are Carlolena Nericcio & FCBD®, Emily Alrick, Amel Tafsout, Miriam Peretz, Mira Betz, Rachel Brice, Mardi Love,  Jill Parker, Colleena Shakti, John Compton, Zoe Jakes, Elizabeth Strong, Wendy Marlett, Suhaila Salimpor, Lee Ali, & Amy Luna.   Zahara offers over 14 years of Belly Dance Study.

Photos by Dominique Cognee/Kumba Photography, Scott Belding Photography, Lea Woods, in Shiviti Studio by Shimee Mayer & Moroccan travel photos by Zahara Solomon.

Zahara is currently located in the ever gorgeous, mountain town of Ashland, Oregon.  Located in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon, where the Cascade and Siskiyou mountains merge.  

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