Welcome Beloveds of the Dance - Salaam~Shalom

 Highlights of lovely past happenings...

In addition to our monthly performance        at Dobra Tea, Ashland...

Thursday, March 3rd
Shiviti Bazaar at SOU, Stevenson Union, Ashland
9am to 3pm

Saturday, February 20
Hafla For Humanity 
Ashland Belly Dance Show
Temple Emek Shalom
100% post-cost donation to 
Syrian Refugees

First Friday, February 5th
Madroña Live Middle Eastern Music & Zahara Solo
Gallerie Karon, Ashland

Friday, January 15th ATS® Homecoming
San Francisco, CA 
Performing with the Lone Wolves


Saturday, December 19th,
Shiviti Dance Co. at Dobra Tea Ashland

December 4th First Friday Art Walk, Ashland
Zahara ATS® Solo performance
Antiquarium Antiques

Saturday, November 21st
Waldorf Winter Faire
Siskiyou School, Ashland
Shiviti Bazaar vending!

October 19th - November 5th

Shiviti Bazaar Ethnic Jewels buying trip!  The Dance aspect was not supported, but there was an impromptu performance in Essouira.  

Thursday, October 15th thru 
Sunday October 18th
Waking Persephone Festival
Seattle, WA
Zahara is Delighted to be an Instructor, Vendor & Performer!

Saturday October 3rd, Redding CA
Belly Dance at Lulu's 
Shiviti Dance Co. 

Ashland First Friday Art Walk Friday, October 2
Shiviti Dance Co. at 
 Taj Indian Restaurant
Special Dinner & Dance Performance featuring the Indian & Rajasthani Dance Influences popular in American Tribal Style® Belly Dance
Doors 7:30pm, Performance 8pm
RSVP Encouraged!  
$2 fee added to dinner

Saturday, September 26th
Medford Multi-Cultural Fair
Zahara Solomon with 
Shiviti Dance Co. offering ATS® Belly Dance & Shiviti Bazaar Vending all day!

Ashland First Friday Art Walk
Friday, September 4th
Gallerie Karon 5:30pm to 7pm
Zahara Solomon & Madroña 
offering Live Middle Eastern Music
Pat O'Scannel & Asha Slater

Friday August 7th through Sunday August 9th
JamballahNW Belly Dance Festival, Portland  OR
Shiviti Bazaar Vending & Shiviti Dance Co. Performance Sunday 1pm

Friday, July 3rd 7pm
First Friday Art Walk
Antiquarium Books & Antiques
Ashland, OR
Zahara Solomon ATS® Solo

Shiviti Bazaar  Vending 
@  Tribal Fest!!!
Tuesday May 12 to Sunday May 17th
Sebastopol, CA

Friday, May 1st
First Friday Art Walk
Shiviti Dance Co. at
 Taj Indian Restaurant
Special Dinner & Dance Performance featuring the Indian & Rajasthani Dance Influences popular in American Tribal Style® Belly Dance
Doors 7:30pm, Performance 8pm
RSVP Required!

Saturday, March 28th   1pm
Cues & Tattoos Festival
Seattle, WA
Shiviti Dance Co. performing 
American Tribal Style® 
Belly Dance

Saturday, March 7th   8pm
Belly Dance at Lulu's
Redding, CA

Friday, February 6th  6pm
First Friday Art Walk, 
Gallerie Karon
East meets East Art Show
Featuring Shiviti Bazaar items and  Zahara with Madroña
performing ATS® & Tribal~Folkloric Dances!

Friday, January 16th
Yuval Ron Ensemble 
Unitarian Center
Zahara performing Solo to 
Yuval's Group  6:30pm


Sunday, December 7th
Shiviti Bazaar
Shiviti Holiday Open House
1pm to 4pm
Madroña performing   2-3pm

Friday, December 5th
Dobra Teahouse, Ashland  
Shiviti Dance Co.
First Friday Art Walk  7 pm

Saturday, November 22
Shiviti Bazaar 
at the Waldorf Winter Fair  
The Siskiyou School
10am to 4pm

November 7th 
First Friday  Art Walk
Dobra Tea House
Madroña & Shiviti Dance Co.
Evening Performance

Zahara Tribal~Folkloric Solo
Classical Persian Court Dance
Rebirth of the Devadasi
Jackson WellSprings
Casbah Stage

Saturday, October 18th
Dobra Teahouse, Ashland  
Shiviti Dance Co.
Evening Performance

Saturday, September 20th
Dobra Teahouse, Ashland  
Shiviti Dance Co.
Evening Performance

ATS® Level One Workshop
Sunday, September 14th 
11am        Shiviti Studio

Saturday, September 6th
Madroña featuring Zahara Solomon & Shiviti Dance Co.
Temple Emek Shalom
Havdalah Ritual & Concert

July 12th-19th
Mendocino Middle Eastern Music 
& Dance Camp!
Mendocino Redwoods 
Sunday, July 13th Camp Cabaret
 ATS® Solo
Sunday, July 13th 
ATS® Solo cabaret performance 
Friday, July 18th
Yuval Ron Class Performance
Shahrazad Persian Class Performance
Jill Parker Class Performance
Jessiah Urban Turkish Rom Class Performance
Dr. Andrea Fishman Class Performance

Southern Oregon Grape Fair 
Talent, OR
Madroña featuring  Zahara Solomon & Shiviti Dance Co.
3:30 to 4:15 pm

Saturday, April 26th
Rebirth of the Devadasi 
Jackson Wellsprings 
American Tribal Style® Belly Dance with Shiviti Dance Co.
Casbah Stage
6:30 pm

Saturday, April 19th
Havurah Shir Hadash 
Women's Seder
Tribal~Folkloric Solo 5 pm

Saturday, March 29th
Cues & Tattoos Festival
Seattle, WA    
Seattle Center
Evening Showcase
Tribal~Folkloric Solo
7 to 10 pm

Friday, February 14th
One Billion Rising, Rogue Valley Event
SOU Student Union, Ashland, OR
Shiviti Dance Co. performing ATS® Belly Dance
7 to 10 pm

Saturday, November 23rd  Noon
Siskiyou School Waldorf Winter Faire
Madroña Middle Eastern Music Ensemble
featuring Shiviti Dance Co.
Tribal~Folkloric solos by Zahara & 
American Tribal Style® 
hour set

Friday, November 1st  9pm
First Friday @ The Black Sheep Pub
Shiviti Dance Co. 
American Tribal Style® Belly Dance Set
Day of the Dead theme!

Friday, October 4th  9pm
First Friday @ The Black Sheep Pub
Shiviti Dance Co. 
American Tribal Style® Belly Dance Set 
 Halloween Theme!

Friday, September 6th  9pm
First Friday @ The Black Sheep Pub
Shiviti Dance Co.
 American Tribal Style® Belly Dance Set 
with Gypsy Rom theme

Jamballah NW
 August Portland, OR! 
Teaching  2  workshops Saturday, August 10th
Women's Trance Dance Traditions from 
N. Africa, Arabian Peninsula & Silk Rd. 
The Secret & Amuletic Language of Tribal Adornment: Jewelry, Textiles & Coins as it relates to Tribal Belly Dance Costuming.
Tribal~Folkloric Solo Performance Instructor Showcase Friday, August 9th

Friday, June 7th  9pm
First Friday @ The Black Sheep 
Shiviti Dance Co. American Tribal Style® 
Belly Dance Set

Tribal Fest 13!!!!
Sunday May 20
Noon Set 
Tribal~Folkloric Solo

Saqra's Showcase Portland, OR 
April 27th 4:50pm  Performing  Tribal~Folkloric Solo

Cues & Tattoos 2013
Saturday, March 30th 
Seattle, WA
Tribal~Folkloric Solo

Saturday, March 23rd 7pm
Madroña featuring Zahara 
& debut of Student ATS® troupe 
Havurah Shir Hadash

Thursday, February 14th
1 Billion Rising! 
Rogue Valley Rising, Bellvue Grange 
9:50pmTribal~Folkloric Solo

Saturday, November 17th
Waldorf Winter Faire
Siskiyou School, Ashland, OR

Saturday, October 20th
Rebirth of the Devadasi Show Casbah Stage, 
Jackson Wellsprings
Zahara Tribal~Folkloric Solo Performance

Sunday, October 7th   
Redwood Coast Belly Dance Festival
Arcata, CA
Zahara Tribal~Folkloric Solo Performance

Saturday, September 22nd
Oasis Celebration & Fundraiser
Madroña featuring Zahara    8pm 

Friday, August 17th Jamballah Belly Dance Festival, Portland, OR
afternoon showcase
Zahara Solo

Sunday, July 15th 
Oregon Country Fair!
Gypsy Caravan Stage
4pm to 5pm    Madroña featuring Zahara

Friday, June 29th 
Madroña featuring Zahara 
Celtic Festival of the Sun, Jackson Wellsprings Casbah Headlining Evening Show 

Sunday, June 17th Midsummer Festival of Art & Music, Ashland Main Stage
12:45pm to 1:15pm Madroña featuring Zahara

Monday, April 9th
Zahara solo performance
Havurah Shir Hadash Women's Passover Seder led by Rabbi Sue Morningstar

Saturday, April 21st
Zahara Solo Performance @
The Rebirth of the Devadasi Show
featuring Vajrasa Temple
Dance Ensemble
 The Jackson Wellsprings Casbah
Evening Show

Sunday, April 22nd
Shiviti Bazaar @ Reb Zalman Shabbaton
Havurah Shir Hadash

Saturday, November 19th
Zahara & Madroña     Siskiyou School Winter Faire

Saturday, October 22nd MEDGE Fall Festival, Zahara Solo afternoon performance, Cozmic Pizza,  Eugene, OR

Saturday Ocotober 15th    World Dance Night,
Stage Door Left,   Mt. Shasta, CA

I will be dancing & Madroña performing on some of these songs.  A lovely way to move thru Elul & into the High Holy Days.
Thursday, September 15th, 7:30pm
            Havurah Shir Hadash

Castle Lake Equinox Retreat, Mt. Shasta, CA
Teaching "Dancing through the Portal"

Zahara Teaching Dance @ Rabbi Sue Morningstar's Shekinah Shabbaton
Saturday, August 20th
Dancing the Divine: Ancient Temple Dance Practices

Zahara teaching & performing @ The Good Medicine Gathering
June 25th & 26th, 2011 Williams, OR

Madroña: featuring Zahara dancing @
The Midsummer Festival
         June 11th & 12th, 2011 Briscoe School Field, Ashland

Rogue World Ensemble, Macedonian Folk Dance, May

Come see Zahara dance & Shiviti Bazaar at the Rogue Renaissance Fantasy Faire
Madroña perfomances Saturday Noon & 3pm
Sunday Noon & 4pm 
Shiviti Bazaar will be there too!  Look for the Red Tent
May 14th & 15th 2011 @ Jackson County Fairgrounds

Wednesday, March 30th 2011, shiviti bazaar at Beat's Antique show, featuring Zoe Jakes.  Ashland Armory.

March 13th, 2011  shiviti bazaar at Reb Zalman Shabbaton retreat, Havurah Shir Ha'dash

Friday, February 4th, 2011 Zahara performs for First Friday Artwalk at The Ashland Artisans Emporium
November 13th, 2010  Zahara performance with Madroña at the Siskiyou School Waldorf Winter Faire

August 6 & 7th, 2010 Shiviti Bazaar at Global Sol music festival, San Francisco waterfront

July 30 thru August 1st, 2010  Zahara performs at Faerie Worlds Festival, Eugene, Oregon

Saturday, June 12th, 2010  Zahara & Madroña, perform at A Midsummer's Night Dream Festival of Art & Music @ Briscoe school & surrounding grounds

Friday, June 11th, 2010   Rock it Out for Planet Earth Show @ the Ashland Wellsprings  7 to 8:30pm

Sunday, November 1st, 2009  7pm   arabesque
*arabesque raw food dinner salon, brought to you by raw food chef Avara Yaron, & featuring Zahara Solomon showcasing five womens sacred dances of North Africa, and beyond...

Tuesday & Wednesday, December 8th & 9th 2009 Ashland Winter Holiday Market  *  noon till 9pm @ the Ashland Springs Hotel Ballroom & Conservatory
*This is the big launch of shiviti & my prayerfully, hand-worked tribal amulets!  Come check out my new creation, along with other amazing funky, tribal crafters from the West Coast.  This is not your grandmother's craft market....

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