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The Mother Ship for
 American Tribal Style® 
Belly Dance!
This is where the beginnings of Tribal Style as we know it today came into being, Fat Chance Belly Dance. This is my main teacher, Carolena Nerriccio, FCBD troupe and Studio that I am certified through & a Sister Studio of.  Also where I get most of those amazing cholis, 25yrd skirts & FCBD merchandise.

Emily Alrick & 
Circus Tribal Belly Dance Co.
This was my Main Teacher & Troupe prior to FCBD & a truly amazing Fusion Belly Dancer. 

Rachel Brice & Datura Studios 
Am in Love with the Eight Elements Technique  & 
the truly Sweet Lady that presents this!  I make sure to squeeze in a few workshops a year with Rachel.

Amel Tafsout
My main Tribal~Folkloric Teacher, Inspiration & Dance Grandmother!  

And More to come, including YouTube links and more resources....

What is shiviti you ask?

Shiviti is what came to me in meditation when 
searching for an umbrella name for all my soul offerings.  In the Jewish tradition, Shiviti is a hand-made or printed amulet, based on Psalm 16:8- Shiviti  Adonai  l'negdi  tamid, "I have placed the Lord constantly before me."  This would hang in a Temple/Synagogue marking the direction of Jerusalem (East), & is like a prayer bulls-eye.  Shivitis were used in Safed, Israel as Kabbalistic meditation devises.  And from my Torah & Zohar studies, have always been deeply moved by passages around Divine guidance, & it's invocation.  When crafting amulets, & life in general, I center  myself in the moment, ask for Divine guidance, & follow the thread.  Keeping on track with chanting, dance, prayer & song.  Each piece is Blessed before it is sold.  I use Gemetria, a Hermetic numerology popular with Alchemists & Kabbalists, in my pricing.  My imported items are purchased during my travels, or through International connections, made usually at Tribal festivals.  And I strive to support  Fair-trade & Up-cycling practices in my purchases. I enjoy sharing all my passions with you, I hope you enjoy them also!

I place the Divine before me Always....

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